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شَوَّال‎ ٢٧ ١٤٤٣
July 18th - Combine Online Majlis - Imam Muhammad Baqir (A.S) & Hazrat Muslim Bin Aqeel (A.S)
July 21st - Namaz e Eid in person at 9 am.
July 29th - Eid e Ghadeer & Mubahila (probably in person)
August 11th to 21st - 1st Ashra of Muharram, in person majalis by Qibla Syed Aqeel Shah.
July 18th - Combine Online Majlis - Imam Muhammad Baqir (A.S) & Hazrat Muslim Bin Aqeel (A.S)
July 21st - Namaz e Eid in person at 9 am.
July 29th - Eid e Ghadeer & Mubahila (probably in person)
August 11th to 21st - 1st Ashra of Muharram, in person majalis by Qibla Syed Aqeel Shah.

1st Ashra of Muharram

Brothers and Sisters Salamun Alekum,

Following is the schedule of majalis for Muharram 1443 AH (2021).

*Program schedule:*
8:30 pm: Salat e Maghrebain Bajamat
9:00 pm: Salam and Marsiya
9:20 pm: Majlis (English/Urdu) by Maulana Syed Aqeel Shah (Edmonton)
10:05 pm: Noha/Matam
10:25 pm: Ziyarat

Program will also be broadcasted live on our YouTube channel, website and mobile app for those unable to attend in person.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeC_L0CQDMY8r8kaeYAYbtQ

*Mandatory Pre-Registration Required:*
It is imperative that you pre-register yourself and your family members separetly on Eventbrite link provided via email/facebook prior to the program.

We will be sending separate Eventbrite link for every program in advance for you to register. Please make sure to check your emails and check ISIA Ottawa Facebook page for daily postings.

Please avoid showing up without pre-registration as you will not be permitted to enter the premises.

**Due diligence by community members is highly appreciated, whether that is social distancing, mask wearing or vaccinations. It is the responsibility of the community to look after each others wellbeing during these testing times.**

  1. Please pre-register yourself on Eventbrite link if you are planning to attend the program. Make sure every family members registers separately based on Ladies and Gents sections this will help us maintaining proper headcount and tracking of all attendees in case of any outbreak (God Forbid).

*Here is the link for Gents’ section:*


*Here is the link for Ladies’ section:*

  1. You are required to maintain 2 meters physical distancing at all time i.e. during prayers and not during prayers. Common household family members can sit together.
    3. No entry will be permissible without mask as masks are required at all time. (All fully vaccinated attendees are still required to wear mask and perform physical distancing)
    4. No food or drinks consumption will be allowed inside centre’s premises.
    5. We request you to refrain from hugging and shaking hands at all time.
    6. Washroom facility and wudo areas will be available.
    7. Please do not attend in person majlis if you are sick

ISIA Ottawa expects all attendees to cooperate and act responsibly as we open our centre’s doors for prayers. Follow above guidelines for sake of your own and others health and safety.

*Cleaning and Sanitization:*
Washrooms and Wuzo areas will be available to use but you are required to clean and sanitize before every use. Here is a tutorial video that you can watch to understand the method of sanitization:


*Program notes: *
We request you to please coordinate with EC if you want to recite on these nights or any other nights.

*Ladies Finance Secretary:*
Sister Nosheen Sherazi will be ladies finance secretary during first 12 days of Muharram.

We need sponsors for these Muharram majalis. Each majlis needs two sponsors with $300 per sponsor share. If you want to sponsor part or full majlis on a given date, please contact our treasurer Br. Taqi Hassani (in gents section) and Sister Nosheen in ladies section.

If you want to sponsor majlis Tabarruk (on brother’s section or sister’s section or both sections) on any given night, please contact our treasurer or chair lady to secure your pledge. Please contact us sooner so that we can plan better distribution of the tabarruk sponsorship.

Only pre-packed/ boxed tabaruk and food will be allowed at ISIA Ottawa due to COVID- 19 restrictions. Same applies for drinks, only bottled water/ juices/ drinks will be permitted.

If you want to volunteer in majalis like tabarruk distribution, parking lot help etc please contact any EC member in advance so that we can allocate the resources in the best possible way to maximize the benefits.

We will have our volunteers available in the parking lot during program hours and rush times. We request you to please coordinate with them and follow their guidance regarding the parking in order to make optimal use of our parking facility.

At all times , please DO NOT park in the space designated for DISABLED or first spot in front of the men’s entrance door (which is for Maulana Parking).

We will have our team of volunteers both upstairs and downstairs and we humbly request you to please listen to their advice/guidance during the programs.

In case of any disagreement or inconvenience, we request you to bring matter to one of ISIA executives for quick and smooth resolution.

Please note that the EC has agreed that aggressive behavior will not be tolerated and reasonable actions will be taken in case of a misadventure to maintain the serenity of the Imam Bargah.

Your timely arrival will help us starting and finishing our program on time too , IA . In an unlikely case of a program delay or going little overtime, we request your co-operation, patience, and understanding.

We request you to financially help Imam Bargah to sustain quality programs particularly in Muharram and throughout the year in general.

Thanks and JazakAllah
ISIA Ottawa

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